Irrigation sets for 12 hectares.

What our customers say

Bibiana de Oliveira
Vila Nova do Sul/RS

“I had 49 milk cows producing an average of 15 liters per animal. Now, with irrigation, I have the same number of animals producing 23 liters each. I have no need to cultivate as many hectares as before because IRRIGAT provides the rainfall needed whenever needed with the possibility of adding urea to the process. Therefore, the renovation of pastures have become a 12-day stage. Irrigation is fundamental and IRRIGAT is very easy to handle.”

Marcos Ropke

“On February 2 I planted 32,000 corn seeds. Now in May, I will harvest 180 sacks! And that is because I decided to start irrigating. I love working with LITTLE IRRIGAT.”

Andrelino Geraldo da Cruz Neves

“I plant corn (or maize) and sell to a supermarket chain. When I had no irrigation, the production was restricted to a six-month provision because the other six months were affected by the dry season, and sowing would be unfruitful. Once I started with IRRIGAT spools, which is a very practical irrigation system, I have been allowed to irrigate my property without the hardship of carrying pipes and tubes all over the place. Today I can say that I´ve doubled my production due to IRRIGAT.”

Helio Guerini

“100% improvement as I was coming from low production crops with eventual low gain. With IRRIGAT I can plant soy earlier, harvest earlier and profit from reaching the market before the competition.”

Ricardo Ferraz
Terra de Areia/RS

“The cultivation of tobacco hadn´t been very productive. 120 thousand plants were grown and the outcome would be an average of 1,000 arrobas (32,000 pounds). After starting making use of IRRIGAT last year, the 120 thousand plants have become an average of 1,500 up to 1,600 arrobas (48,000 up to 51,200 pounds). My income reached the sum of R$ 40,000.00. I am very pleased.”

Fabio Sechi
Marques de Souza/RS

“Our cattle of 30 cows have their nourishing pastures provided all year round. Furthermore, we have been able to *grow corn between harvests in periods of drought. Ours crops were fully grown and ready for the market 20 days before those who did not invest in irrigation.”

Ivando Livinalli

“With IRRIGAT workforce has been considerably reduced. In the old process, we had to keep changing places and moving around all the apparatus in the middle of muddy terrain. IRRIGAT has reduced 2 hours in our process.”

GE Brasil de Pelotas

“We found IRRIGAT online and we are already considering the purchase of another one. Its system is ideal for the maintenance and quality of our stadium´s lawn.”

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