Our goal is to create a network of welfare and success to all our clients, partners, suppliers, staff, shareholders and community.

Our enterprise goes back to 1986 when our father, Genésio Hendler, opened a farming supply store to supply equipment to locals. It was in the ninety´s that we introduced irrigation solutions to our catalogue of products and services. And in the 2000´s the manufacturing of IRRIGAT pipe spools. In 2012, Próspera was founded with assembly line facilities and a sales network system.

From the beginning, we spotlight our efforts in making a difference in the lives of those who cross paths with our venture.

Be a part of this idea too. ( or Join us. And find out what our project is all about.)

A team, many talents

Eduardo Hendler

Commercial Director


Alessandra Hendler

Business Director


Genésio Hendler

International Trading Executive


Aneli Hendler

Administrative Director


Tamires Givanella

Administrative Assistant


Kimberly Dexheimer

Sales Consultant for the southern states


Marcel Mallmann

Sales Consultant


The Próspera family

People come first. Our success is a result of your success. Your well-being is the root of the growth of our business.